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About Me

My name is T.V.Murali; I was born and brought up at "OOTY" which is in Tamil Nadu. It is also called as The Second England. I did my (B.A - History) college studies at OOTY. After my college studies I had an opportunity to work in Government Transport Department as a "Checking Inspector" up to 2 years. This job gave me money but not peaceful mind or Satisfaction. During this period (1984) an advertisement came in the local news paper mentioning "Wanted Young Graduates for Community Development Work" - Training will be provided for one year with stipend of Rs.250/- from an organization called SEARCH- Bangalore, I applied for this training and after one-month period they selected me and I received a letter stating that please be prepared for joining this course.

After receiving this letter I joined that training course. During this period I came to know more about the social status, status of the children, the present situation of the villages in India, the vital problem of the people and the procedure to whom we have to contact etc., The training was an intensive training programme of one year. Apart of my theory training I was able to practical work as field placement in 13 Voluntary organizations and learned about their programmes. After my training I got an opportunity to work for a Non Government Organization to take Evening School in a Slum at Bangalore for a period of 6 months.

Latter, I was working with the children who are working in a Match Industry (Fire Work) with the support of an NGO; seeing their problem, cause and their suffering made to work for the Elimination of Child Labour.


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