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Women Sangams

  17 Women Sangams are      organised.  518 Women are      members of these    Sangams.
  Rs.8,00,000 are their Savings.
  So far 318 women had been    benefitted from the Credit    Schemes.
  150 women benefited through Co-
   operative entrepreneurship.
  To build community hall contract have   been    taken by women’s group.
  Volunteers have been selected in   each    village.
  Released 300 women from credit   through    which they borrow money at   exorbitant    rate    of interest from money   lenders.


All the women sangams had joined and formed a federation.

Through this federation local issues were taken politically.

Through this federation they are Celebrating Women’s Day.

They had also has done lot of rallies, dharna etc.,

Child Care Centers

Running 5 child care centers

172 children are benefited per year

Through this programme 300 mothers are benefited

Through play way methods we are teaching the children.

 75% of the running cost is collected by the employers and parents.


3 Students were awarded best volunteers by the LIONS CLUB, Madras.
23 SPK’s are organised.

417 Students are members of this Organization.


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