Action for Child Labour - CHOLAI
Meenakshi Apartments
Near CTA Garden
Chennai-600 056
Phone : (044) 24480265,
Resi :     26447330.

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Present Activities

Recreational Learning Centers :
    In a year there are 120 working children learning literacy. numeracy, hand craft works and yoga in our 13 Recreational learning centers.

Mobile Education :

in year 75 working children are educated through this innovative programme. They are attending classes in our Van itself.

Bridge Course Centers :

      Here we enroll child labourers & School drop outs in order to continue thier formal educational in Formal Schools.

Health Camps :

     We are organizing Health Camps in our 40 Villages oftenly with the help of Govt. Hospitals, Private Hospitals & Research Institutions.

Campaingning is our major activitity. we are making an attempt to involve people from different sectors like Students, Teachers, Trade unionists, bureaucrats and professinals in eliminating child labour. We are trying to create awareness about the Child rights and also mobilizing public opinion for the elimination of Child Labour.


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