Action for Child Labour - CHOLAI
Meenakshi Apartments
Near CTA Garden
Chennai-600 056
Phone : (044) 24480265,
Resi :     26447330.

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Our Project

   1500 Child labourers were rescued and admitted    back in Government schools.

  School drop outs were minimized and controlled at    all villages.

 Got sufficient Government Teacher's for the    government School.

  Initiated Students perfect Kuzlu (SPK) in all    villages and solved     their   village problems    through the SPK.

  Running Balwadi's with the support of the    employers in the name of localcontribution.

  Volunteers have been selected and trained in each    village to take over the activities of CHOLAI -    ACL.

Recreation Learning Centres for Working Children.

748 Working children
Attending 314 children


    Running 5 Bridge Course    Centres     for the working    children.


  612 Children had been benefited   and enrolled in Government Schools.

  117 presently attending.


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