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Street Play

                                       Valliyin Vazakku

Theme of the Street play - Valli the Heroin of the street play brings a suit to the local panchayat and asks for justice.

In a village there was a family, the family consists of Father, Mother, Daughter and Son. Name of the son is Marutha Muthu and the name of the Daughter is Valli. Both son and daugher were studying in same school. Valli is very active in studies as well as in all extra curricular activities like Essay competition, Poem, etc., and win all prizes at school level. Marutha Muthu is weak in studies and in all means.

Valli's mother supports Valli and encourages to study well but Valli's father always support his son Marutha Muthu and discourages Valli to continue her studies. Valli's father makes Gender Discrimination. Finally, Valli's father stops Valli from school and due to family suituvation valli has to take over the house hold work and one fine day she goes to the public place to take water and at the same time Valli's relative boy ( Mr. Sivan Kalai ) tease Valli and pull Valli hand. Valli shouts out of fear and run back to her house and explains to her parents what happened to her.

Valli father gets angry and goes for violation but Valli's mother stops him and tell that they can go for local panchayat for justice. But father refuses going for local panchayat and he tells that he is going for making marriage arrangement for Valli. Mother support valli and she was very confident to take this issue to the local panchayat and get justice and valli express her idea that she want to continue her studies and want to go for a better job. Then, Valli and her mother takes the eve teasing issue to the local panchayat.

The leader of the panchayat tell the boy Sivan Kalai to pay penalty of Rs.500/- but the mother of the valli expects to give some other punishment which will be a lesson for others also and in future this kind of issue will not happen any more. Next the leader tell to marry Sivan Kalai to Valli. But Valli's mother was strongh enough to express her idea that the justice was not fair and at last the leader ask Valli's mother to express what kind of punishment they expect to give to the culprit and the mother of valli tell that Sivan Kalai should ask bend to valli's leg and ask sorry before all of them in the panchayat. Since falling to a female's leg is a very big shame to the male community. And the local panchayat agrees for the pledge and request to do so and here the street play comes to an end.

                                         Nalla Muduvu

Theme of the Street play - Impact of Early marriage for a 14 year old girl. In a village there was a family, the family has Mother, Father, Daughter and Son. The name of the daughter is Poomaiyulu aged 14. The parent of Poomaiyulu get her to marry at the age of studying. At the child hood age she get pregnant were the girl was not developed both physically and Psychologically that leads to abortion. Here the village health nurse advice the parent, Mother in law, Father in law, Poomaiyulu 's Husband that this is not the right age to get married and insist that she should get pregnant before 3 years at least. But due to her husband's carelessness again she become pregnant and she give birth to a child which is not developed fully and both Poomaiyulu and the baby face death and here the story gives the lesson that it is very important to take medical advice seriously and to avoid child marraiages to bring a good result in the community and make the community more happy and safe.


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